Diesel Injector Bolt Thread Repair Kit CT5517


10pc Injector Clamping Bolt Thread Repair Set for Mercedes-Benz
Suitable for reaming the broken-off expansion bolt
and repairing the M6 thread in the cylinder head.
No need to remove the cylinder head or valve covers.
Drill : 6mm with adjusting ring for drilled depth.
Step Drill : 7 to 8 mm with adjusting ring for drilled depth.
Guide Sleeve for 6 mm twist drill
Tap : M8 x 1.0mm
Assembly tool for threaded inserts
5 threaded inserts : M6 x 1 inner thread / M8 x 1 outer thread.

The clamping bolts on Mercedes-Benz CDi injectors maybe prone to seizing and possible break off when being removed. This kit provides the necessary tools required to drill out the broken bolt and fit M6 threaded inserts to allow new bolts to fitted.